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Is radiation the asbestos of the 21st century?


Is radiation the asbestos of the 21st century? is a documentary that investigates the effects of cellular and wifi radiation on the body. The main character is the Electro Hypersensitive (EHS) Dennis Rietbergen. EHS patients are hypersensitive to electricity and radiation. We follow Dennis in his search for answers to questions like: How bad is radiation? How do people deal with their health issues? What does the government do to reduce the dangers of radiation? Dennis talks with scientists, doctors and EHS patients to get a clear picture of the effects of radiation on humans. Dennis also tries to talk with major telecom providers and the Dutch government. In doing so, he strikes a lot of resistance. Do these parties have something to hide? And does he manage to answer all his questions?

We see this as an important film because the effects of radiation are still considered innocent by many people. While a large number of scientists and EHS patients know better. They see the use of mobile technology, such as WiFi, 4G and 5G as a major threat to our health. Some even speak of the 21st century asbestos, giving us an excellent title for our documentary. Telecom companies and the government, who receive a lot of money from this wireless technology, seem to keep their eyes and mouths shut. Consumers do not see the danger, and flock to the store for the latest iPhone. But what happens if the amount of radiation only increases?

The film has entirely made possible by donations.

No influence of telecom or any other industry.

Send your love and support by donating whatever feels right, to make more inconvenient films.

Is radiation the asbestos of the  21st century?

Is radiation the asbestos of the 21st century?

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